Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Night

It is 8:30 pm on a friday night and I am heading to bed in a few minutes....I am

Things are going well, I miss Joey like crazy, but I am coping well and getting things done. I have lost 13 lbs since Joey left, which is awesome considering my weight didn't change for months. I am mostly doing core, but there are some changes that I need to make, and I need to do much more planning and prep. I bought the clean eating cookbook, and it looks awesome. I am exercising a lot, and feeling good, hopefully I'll be quite a bit smaller when Joey comes home in May.

I really need to start monitoring my spending, part of my de cluttering will have to involve not bringing any other un-necessary things to take up space. I also have to realize that I don't need to buy something just because I want it. I am going to make wish lists and buy things for myself as rewards for weight loss and fitness goals.

all in all, besides the fact that I'm a little lonely, things are looking good and seem to be shaping up the way that I want them too.

Monday, November 9, 2009

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sugar Hangover

That was me for most of the day. I felt terrible. My head was pounding and I felt sick whenever I moved too fast, I thought that going for a walk would help but it didn't, so when I put the baby down for a rest I went to bed with a cold pack, and some advil. This was totally self inflicted though.
I was feeling sad yesterday because Joey left for six months so I thought that it would make me feel better to totally pig out on cake and cookies I am totally embarrassed by the amount that I ate and I can say that I won't be doing that again.

Today I am eating better and counting points again and I am hoping that in these 6 months I can get fit and actually lose weight. I want to be smoking hot to surprise Joey when he gets home.

I am also starting what I like to call Project De-clutter I read somewhere that in order to de-clutter your body and mind, that you must first de-clutter your surroundings. In my home there is clutter everywhere. We are pack rats and even though the house is only a year old, it is too full of "stuff" so I will be getting rid of stuff room by room, in order to make it a desirable, comfortable space for us all to live.

I also plan to paint in the New Year so we'll see how that goes. I am still trying to pick out colors and it's a pretty big job.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Tea giveaway

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Life has been pretty hectic, and the eating has been meh, but I am slowly climbing back on the wagon. I am interested in doing clean eating/core and I just have to get organized and start planning my meals.
The main issue seems to be my time management, and organization skills. I am getting more organized, but I need to start planning my meals and exercise. I seem to have great intentions and then I get so tired and rushed that I just say forget about it and grab quick things. But with a little advanced planning and prep, I know I can do this. A menu plan will also help with the grocery bill too, since I am on a very tight budget now.

It is so scary that in less than 25 days I will be a single parent for 6 months!! to say that I am terrified is an understatement. Arianna will be just turning 1 year old, and I will be without my best friend. She loves her daddy so much and I am just so sad and anxious for how this will go.
I know we will be ok, it just sucks!

Anyway, I guess that's all for tonight, it's time for some pumpkin spice tea.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Monday, June 15, 2009

I walked

So I did the Walmart Walk for Miracles yesterday, and it was a great experience. Joey and Arianna walked with me, and it was a beautiful day. It was great to see so many people out to walk and raise money for the IWK hospital. It felt great to complete my first charity walk and it definately wasn't my last!!

I have also decided that I will be definately doing some form of the bluenose next year, either the 5 or 10k depending on how my training goes. I was actually able to complete day 1 of the couch to 5k, so we'll see how things go from there.

I am feeling good, and looking forward to vacation. I am still planning to exercise and eat well on vacation, even though it will be hard. I am trying to come up with a diet plan that combines the WW core plan, with south beach because even though I will have to limit some things, it is the best diet for my PCOS.

I am also going to become a pampered chef consultant to earn some extra money, so if anyone reads this and wants some pampered chef or to host a catalogue show and earn free product, let me know!
I guess that's all for now,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy days are here again

It seems like June is always a super busy month, and this year is no exception. Joey has his course party Friday, I have a birthday party Saturday night and the walmart walk for miracles is sunday, then next weekend is a wedding we are going to, and fathers day. After that we are heading to cape breton for our anual family get together, bbq and lobster party, which is extra special this year because my Uncle breton will be home with his family, and I havent seen them since our wedding 4 years ago.

Joey will be going away July 6th for 3 weeks, hopefully all will go well in my trial run as a single parent. This will get me used to what it will be like in October when Joey goes away for 6 months!! I am trying not to think about that!

Eating is going ok, I am not counting points or calories, I just needed a break. I am going to come up with my own core/south beach style eating plan and hopefully it will work out for me. I am still exercising quite a bit though, and I am going to try running on the treadmill later :)

that's all for now have a great thursday!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Happy hump day

Yesterday was a great day, we walked to play group and had a great time there and then last night was yoga class. I can't believe how much I love yoga, it helps me relax, and I can feel my body getting stronger in certain poses, and it really helps with back pain. I had pain last night when I went, and after the pain was so minimal. I hope that once this session is done I can find a good video or something because I can't go in the fall, as Joey will be away.

I made some lunch foods to freeze, I made a veggie chili, with 3 kinds of beans, and a type of rice with tomatoes and kidney beans. these should hold me for a little while anyway.

I am planning my 7k walk today but I'm not sure if I will because I feel exhausted right now.
my exercise goals for June are to add some strength training, and start the learn to run program. I am almost to where I need to be motivation wise, but I just need a little kick sometimes.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Rainy Friday

Today is rainy and cold which is totally the norm for a N.S spring so we didn't walk today, but from Monday to thursday this week I walked 24 KM's!! not too shabby eh??

The Doctor wanted to see me after my blood work, and sure enough my thyroid is low and the meds are adjusted, so I am really hoping that this is the cause of my non-existent weight loss lately, fingers crossed.

Mentally I am doing fairly well, I still have my days, but who doesn't? I am trying to simplify and de clutter, but is a big job, so I'm taking it slow. The basement is crazy!! it's a mixture of empty boxes, and boxes that we have been putting off sorting through, but my goal is to have this ALL done by fall. I say fall because with the baby I can only do a little at a time so I don't want to rush through and end up in a mess again. It really doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as it gets done.

This weekend is pretty much a write off because Joey's sister and her BF are staying here, so we probably won't get much done. I'm not too keen about routine disruptions but I gotta roll with it I guess ;)

Happy friday everyone

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tired Tuesday

I am up way too early! My munchkin is teething or growing or something and has decided that 6am is her wake up time. Now she's napping all cosy in her swing, and I'm awake drinking coffee....c'est la vie :)

I am totally maintaining my weight, and totally frusterated, but I am still exercising every day. I am coming up with a new calorie plan, and trying to find some new ideas for lunches, involving beans and lentils.

Today we have playgroup, and I have yoga tonight, so I'm not sure if I'll be walking 5 or 7 km's. It depends on how much time we have before playgroup, and how my back/body are feeling. I have been quite sore lately so losing weight is the best thing that I can do.


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long weekend

Finally, a long weekend where we have nothing that we have to do. We are going to just do things that we want to do.

For Joey's birthday every year we usually do something different, that involves getting out and having fun. Since this year we are plus 1, I had to come up with something we all could do, so we went to the Salt Mars trail, in eastern passage. It was a really nice walk that took us through salt marshes and the woods in some areas, and the day was perfect, overcast, no rain and not much wind. We had a picnic lunch a little over half way through, and all in all it was a great day!! We walked 13 kms!!!! and even though it took almost 4 hours, we stopped a lot and enjoyed the views. other than some chafe, I am feeling great!! and proud that I did the whole thing!!!

I am currently reading Jillian Michaels "Master Your Metabolism" and so far so good. I am hoping it will help me lose a little weight.

Anyway, off to shower and get into my jammies.....pure heaven!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good, bad and ugly

Not much has changed with me, but I will post some quick updates

The Good
  • I am still walking at least 5k as often as I can
  • I joined a beginner yoga class that goes for 8 weeks, and I love it!
  • Most of the time I feel great
  • I am feeling a lot happier and optomistic lately

The Bad

  • I have still not lost ANY weight
  • I feel really discouraged about the lack of weight loss
  • I hate going shopping and seeing how limited the clothes selection is for someone my size
  • I hate the fact that I need to buy some new summer clothes that I don't like and are overpriced because they are plus

The Ugly

  • The cheeseburger, onion rings and blizzard that I ate yesterday while having a poor me moment.

I just can't get a handle on this eating thing. I plan to look up healthy recipes, and make a fitness/calorie plan but I don't do it. It is my goal for this week to finish this and follow it!! Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I have lost my momentum!! As hard as I tried to stay positive, I am mad and disappointed that I am not losing ANY weight!!! I am exercising 5 days per week, which includes some 5k and 7k walks with the stroller, and work out videos, but still nothing. And when I measured myself, there was very little change there too. Something has to change, I just need to figure out what. I really need to make a plan and try to change things up a bit.

I am going to try limiting processed and convenient foods, as well as trying to add strength training to the mix.
I am also going to seriously limit my computer time so that I can get more things done around the house. I really need to de clutter my house and my mind.

I feel change coming, and it's going to be big!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Contest time

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunny Monday!

I'm tired of typing "I'm back" as a post title but here I am back again :). It has once again been a little rocky, but everything is sorted out again and on an even keel.

I am still not losing any weight, which is totally frustrating. Even though I feel great and people are commenting that I look like I am losing weight, the scale is not moving. I am going to ask the Doctor about this tomorrow, but honestly, he is more of a let's ignore it and see what happens kind of guy. I wish there were more available doctors here.

I got a new Jogging stroller over the weekend which I am so excited about, mainly because it is tall enough for me and I am still obsessed with starting to run in the near future. I have increased our walk route to 5k and Friday it took exactly 1 hour, which I think is good, but I'm not totally sure :) Anyway, we are going to try the stroller out today, and hopefully the 5k again.

I guess that's all of the updates for now
Have a good one!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm back

Well I took a little bit of a break from blogging, but now I'm back. My eating is going well, but obviously I need to tweak some things because I have only lost 2lbs in a month. I know that to many people this is a great loss, but for me it is not. I have 160 lbs to lose and I usually lose very well when I am OP.

I got a heart rate monitor as an early birthday gift, and it also has a calorie counter which is great. At first I thought that the calorie's burned were quite high, but I went to the store and asked the guy and he said it's pretty accurate. I also just took the heart rate values and calculated my heart rate percentage, and it seems correct so I'll have to trust it. If I start seeing big gains though I'll cut back on AP's. Another thing is that I have been earning many AP's but not eating many if any at all, and I have to find a way to fit them in to my day.

I need to start eating less sodium because I am feeling bloated and gross most days, but I don't know what to eat for lunches that is low sodium, tastes good and doesn't cost a fortune. It is super important that I master this eating thing so that by the time Arianna can make food choices, it will become second nature to me, and she will hopefully make the best choices without thinking about it or struggling like I do.

I guess that's about all that's going on, I am no longer feeling depressed which is huge to me, I can cope with things, and I may have bad moments or bad days, but no more bad weeks. I can honestly say that exercise has played a huge role in this!! I feel more confident as a mom, and while I miss being able to do some things, I wouldn't change things for the world!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I love Friday

Friday's are great because it means that I have Joey home for 2 full days when he's not on duty.
Not much new happening lately though, I had 1 bad day but I didn't go over my points, so I'm very happy! I did really well points wise and I got lots of activity but I was only down 0.6 lbs. There could be a few reasons for this like water retention and not eating all of my AP's so hopefully the scale will catch up next week.

I have already used a large chunk of my flex points and they only reset today but I'm o.k with that as it was planned. Oh well off to bed I guess :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Sunday!!

I am happy today because I was actually able to weigh myself on my scale!!! That means that I lost some weight, and it makes me feel great. I hate how high the number is, but it is going to help me stay strong on this journey!
I'm on my own with Arianna today so I may not get a chance to work out, but I work better with a day off too.

I am just so happy that I can finally keep track of my progress!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another great day

Today is great, it seems like I am coping much better all of a sudden, and things are going right. I think the key is that I am ok with things not being perfect, I am rolling with the flow and seeing where it takes me.
I got in another treadmill workout today and although I am only doing 20 mins, it feels great. I am doing a pretty high intensity workout and I am planning to increase my time next week.

I also got beautiful flowers from Joey for an early valentines gift, tulips and some other purple stuff, they are awesome and they make me smile!!

I am really hoping that this mood change continues and I can stay OP for a long time!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm back

Ok so how many times have I said that I am back on track? Well I de-railed so now I am taking things one day at a time. The depression was bad lately but the meds are worse. I am unable to function on the meds because I feel like a zombie, so I am going to try to help myself through journaling, exercise and eating well. I think most of my negativity and sadness comes from my weight, so we'll see how it goes.

I have been back on track for 2 days now, and I even got in a workout today, which really made me feel good. I am going to make a workout plan and try to stick to it. If I can't exercise during the day, I will do it when Joey gets home. I am going to take him up on the offer of help, instead of trying to do it all alone.

I can do this and I will be thinner and healthier in 2009!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, it's been a rough go lately. I am totaly off track, and I've been eating for all of the wrong reasons. I have been super stressed, and I think my depression is back full force. I tried to battle it on my own but I can't. I am back on meds and I will try taking them at night so that I am not zombie like, hopefully. I have always wanted to be a mom, and it's killing me that I can not be the mom that I had pictured in my head. Kind, caring and patient. I show arianna so much love during the day but I feel like I am lacking in patience.

I am working on correcting the things in my life that need fixing, and being the best person that I can be. I need to lose this weight for me and for Arianna.

I always binge when I am feeling like this, and I had planned on buying some cake or pastry at the gas station today, and eating it in the car on the way home without anyone knowing. when I was in there, I looked at all of the muffins and carrot cake and squares and I left with none. I am proud of myself for that small victory, and I hope in the days to come there are many more.

I am back on track tomorrow.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bye bye weekend

The weekend went way too fast, especially since Joey was gone all day yesterday. The day went fairly well though, and today I decided to shovel the driveway so that Joey wouldn't have to when he got home. Arianna was actually having a good nap so I got to finish all in one shot, which counted as about 50 mins of activity!!!
We had pot roast in the slow cooker, and it was awesome. I must say that I'm not a big fan of regular beef roast, but I love pot roast. We also had some roasted potatoes, carrots and frozen mixed veggies. It was an awesome meal for a cold night. I am still OP and I have not used any flex this week either. I am not against using flex at all, in fact I find them necessary most of the time, it's just that I haven't needed any yet.
I have stopped tracking on sparkpeople, and just using my notebook, but I still look up the odd thing on sparkpeople to find out the nutritional info.
I am hoping maybe this weekend we can get some swiss chalet takeout as a treat. we used to eat out quite a bit, but now we don't so it will be a nice treat and I find it really easy to stay OP at swiss chalet.
Well off to bed for another night I guess.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stormy Sunday

Well another storm is forecast and the snow has started. We are supposed to get 15-20cms I think, but I really have no Idea how much will actually fall.
Yesterday was a busy day of going to costco and Sobeys to stock up on a few things and get some more veggies to last the week. The eating has gone very well this week, and I am pleased to say that hubby has lost 4lbs!!! Way to go! I still can't weigh myself so I'll have to take pride in the fact that I feel great, even if I can't see the results. This is probably a good thing though because I tend to get obsessed with the scale anyway.
On Friday, Arianna was fussy and wouldn't nap so I took her out for what started out as a short walk, and ended up being 55 mins!! She was all bundled up and quiet, so we kept going and had some great fresh air, even if I was a little cold at first. Yesterday I chose to take advantage of Joey being home and instead of trying out the treadmill, I decided to have a much needed nap instead, I was exhausted. I'm glad I got my nap in then because Joey got called in to do duty this morning so I am on my own until tomorrow
I tried to get a workout in while Arianna napped today, but I couldn't figure out how to turn on the treadmill :( I finally figured it out, so if she naps again later, I'll give it a try.
We were going to have pot roast for supper, but since I'm on my own I'm going to have a taco salad made with home made chili, and a baked pita on the side.....yum I can't wait!!
Anyway, I guess that's it from here today, I'm just watching the snow and hoping that the power stays on!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No pics

Well I keep forgetting to take pics of my meals, but one step at a time eh? I am still OP and loving it! Joey is even following it again too which is awesome because he gained some weight and was pretty down on himself too. I am weighing and measuring everything, and it feels right, but my body is rebelling a little. I have a terrible headache and I am exhausted, and I can only imagine that it is sugar withdrawal.
I don't remember feeling this way before, but other times when I was off program I was still limiting sugars, so maybe that's why.

Our treadmill came today, and Joey is putting it together right now!! I am so excited. I also found out that there are cards called I fit cards, that go into the treadmill and have fitness programs to follow. They even have Jillian Michaels ones!! They are $30-$50 each, so I'll be asking for one for my birthday in april. They look so awesome!
Between the treadmill, the bosu ball and the Dvd's that we have, I have no excuses. I will either exercise while Arianna naps, or when Joey comes home.
Well I guess that's all for now, time to tidy the kitchen, make formula, and fall into bed exhausted :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today is the day!!

Just a quick post today, I started weighing, measuring, and tracking my foods today, and so far I am totally OP!!! I feel great about this, and I am happier than I have been in so long. It is amazing the difference one day makes.
Due to finances I am doing it on my own this time, and I must say I really miss my e-tools. I miss just entering food amounts and having the points calculated for me, and I miss the online tracker, but I'll manage.
I took some food pics today, but I'm too tired to figure out how to post them, so I'll do it tomorrow. The only thing I have to work on right now is feeling constantly hungry at night. Everything will fall into place with time though.
Well gotta go to dreamland, tomorrow will be a long day, Arianna is getting her needles :(

Friday, January 2, 2009


I can't believe it's here already! Christmas is over, a new year has begun and this is my year to rock!!
I have decided that Monday is my absolute start date. Joey goes back to work and it will be so much easier to get into a routine then. I am planning on setting short term and long term goals so that I am not putting too much pressure on myself.
I made a calendar today for January so that I can track my activity with stars. Usually this keeps me motivated because I love making stuff and working with I should have been a teacher. I am also going to type and print my goals for January so that I can post them somewhere and look at them often.
I am really excited to say that we are getting a treadmill on wednesday!!!!! Thanks to a loan from my grandparents, we can now exercise at home, which means a lot to me because the gym is out of the question financially, and it's too cold most days to take the baby out for walks now. I just have to make time to do this either while Arianna naps, or when she goes to bed for the night. It will definately be more challenging now but I can handle it!!
The only thing that concerns me food wise is lunches. I need to come up with some quick, filling ideas that I will enjoy. I am working on it.

My goals for January so far are:
-Exercise at least 30 mins, at least 4 times/week (hopefully more, but my schedule depends on mommy duties)
-Be Op every day (I can have treats but I must record them)
-Use spark people every day (This is free and I can't afford ww now)
-Track and record workouts
-Blog regularly, and try to figure out how to post pictures on the blog
-Take measurements and before pics (I can't weigh myself right now because I am ashamed to admit that my scale does not go up high enough right now. I would also like before pics so that I can see my progress as I go along)

I was going to reflect on 2008, but I want this post to be about looking forward, so here's to 2009 and all of the success and possibilities it holds!!!