Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long weekend

Finally, a long weekend where we have nothing that we have to do. We are going to just do things that we want to do.

For Joey's birthday every year we usually do something different, that involves getting out and having fun. Since this year we are plus 1, I had to come up with something we all could do, so we went to the Salt Mars trail, in eastern passage. It was a really nice walk that took us through salt marshes and the woods in some areas, and the day was perfect, overcast, no rain and not much wind. We had a picnic lunch a little over half way through, and all in all it was a great day!! We walked 13 kms!!!! and even though it took almost 4 hours, we stopped a lot and enjoyed the views. other than some chafe, I am feeling great!! and proud that I did the whole thing!!!

I am currently reading Jillian Michaels "Master Your Metabolism" and so far so good. I am hoping it will help me lose a little weight.

Anyway, off to shower and get into my jammies.....pure heaven!

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