Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm back

Well I took a little bit of a break from blogging, but now I'm back. My eating is going well, but obviously I need to tweak some things because I have only lost 2lbs in a month. I know that to many people this is a great loss, but for me it is not. I have 160 lbs to lose and I usually lose very well when I am OP.

I got a heart rate monitor as an early birthday gift, and it also has a calorie counter which is great. At first I thought that the calorie's burned were quite high, but I went to the store and asked the guy and he said it's pretty accurate. I also just took the heart rate values and calculated my heart rate percentage, and it seems correct so I'll have to trust it. If I start seeing big gains though I'll cut back on AP's. Another thing is that I have been earning many AP's but not eating many if any at all, and I have to find a way to fit them in to my day.

I need to start eating less sodium because I am feeling bloated and gross most days, but I don't know what to eat for lunches that is low sodium, tastes good and doesn't cost a fortune. It is super important that I master this eating thing so that by the time Arianna can make food choices, it will become second nature to me, and she will hopefully make the best choices without thinking about it or struggling like I do.

I guess that's about all that's going on, I am no longer feeling depressed which is huge to me, I can cope with things, and I may have bad moments or bad days, but no more bad weeks. I can honestly say that exercise has played a huge role in this!! I feel more confident as a mom, and while I miss being able to do some things, I wouldn't change things for the world!