Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No pics

Well I keep forgetting to take pics of my meals, but one step at a time eh? I am still OP and loving it! Joey is even following it again too which is awesome because he gained some weight and was pretty down on himself too. I am weighing and measuring everything, and it feels right, but my body is rebelling a little. I have a terrible headache and I am exhausted, and I can only imagine that it is sugar withdrawal.
I don't remember feeling this way before, but other times when I was off program I was still limiting sugars, so maybe that's why.

Our treadmill came today, and Joey is putting it together right now!! I am so excited. I also found out that there are cards called I fit cards, that go into the treadmill and have fitness programs to follow. They even have Jillian Michaels ones!! They are $30-$50 each, so I'll be asking for one for my birthday in april. They look so awesome!
Between the treadmill, the bosu ball and the Dvd's that we have, I have no excuses. I will either exercise while Arianna naps, or when Joey comes home.
Well I guess that's all for now, time to tidy the kitchen, make formula, and fall into bed exhausted :)

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