Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy days are here again

It seems like June is always a super busy month, and this year is no exception. Joey has his course party Friday, I have a birthday party Saturday night and the walmart walk for miracles is sunday, then next weekend is a wedding we are going to, and fathers day. After that we are heading to cape breton for our anual family get together, bbq and lobster party, which is extra special this year because my Uncle breton will be home with his family, and I havent seen them since our wedding 4 years ago.

Joey will be going away July 6th for 3 weeks, hopefully all will go well in my trial run as a single parent. This will get me used to what it will be like in October when Joey goes away for 6 months!! I am trying not to think about that!

Eating is going ok, I am not counting points or calories, I just needed a break. I am going to come up with my own core/south beach style eating plan and hopefully it will work out for me. I am still exercising quite a bit though, and I am going to try running on the treadmill later :)

that's all for now have a great thursday!

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