Monday, January 14, 2008

Bad blogger

I'm a bad blogger because I didn't post lately, but in my defence, I have been really busy with a large dose of no motivation. I haven't been to the gym in a few days because I was letting my body heal, but I thing it's time to go back.
I started my new job today, and it was a lot different than I expected. The clients need a lot of care, but I'm sure that I can do this and the change might be right for me. The hours are awesome, as well as the vacation and the pay. I am really hoping that I can make this work and do well with this.
I am feeling some anxiety tonight as well as sadness and I'm a bit lonely. I know that joey only left today for two weeks, but I feel like it wasn't a good time for him to go away, I was fine while he was here, but now I'm feeling some pain and sadness, and a little overwhelmed with the changes that I have been going through in the past week. What I really need is some time off to sleep and heal, and instead, I'll be working 72 hours per week for the next 2 weeks. I honestly hope that I can make it through this, because if I can't, I may end up with no job, and then where would I be??
Oh well, I hope I made the right decision.

On a diet note, I am going to spend some time this weekend, doing up meal plans, and menu ideas and hopefully making some easy, core breakfasts that I can eat on my way to work. That's the plan and we'll see how it goes. As for this week in the evenings, I'm going to try extremely hard to get caught up on my course. There is so much to do, I hope I am strong enough to do it all!!!


JER29ELEVEN said...

You are a very bad blogger - no posts since Jan 14?! Well, that's just slackerific of you, isn't it?! Ha ha! Get posting, girl!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Thanks for the insurance post Jenny. I always forget about MFRC stuff. One of these days I'll have to actually go down there and get my ID and act like a member of a military family!!

I hope you are doing OK after everything you seem to have gone through in the past couple of weeks.

DBF also has to sail with another ship right now. He's gone this week, home for the weekend and then gone for three weeks. This will be my test of how I fair in Halifax on my own!