Sunday, January 6, 2008


Today was a lazy sunday for me, I didn't get dressed, and I didn't move too far from the couch. I was really busy though, writing a paper and catching up on my courses. I'm so glad to have one assignment done but I still have a long way to go to be caught up.

As for the weight watchers and exercise, I am doing very well. I started a calendar to keep track of my on program days, and I am using stickers, an idea which I borrowed from some other girls. I totally love getting the stickers, it is so exciting!! I bought Eeyore ones and Tinkerbell ones, and I get one for every day that I am on program. This includes eating properly, tracking everything, drinking my water, and exercising when I am scheduled to do so. On the exercise rest days I will still get a sticker because I am following my plan.
I totally love this idea, and it is definitely motivating me!

I have decided that I need to come up with a meal plan for suppers too, taking into account when I am working. This will make it easier to stay on track, and hopefully reduce the temptation to eat out as much as we have been.
All in all I feel really great lately, and I hope it continues. When I feel good it affects everything in my life for the better.
Have a great evening everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for the comment on my blog. You are doing so well! Congratulations. Who are you on WW??? This is confusing me with user names and blog names...hahaha...but I am easily confused.