Thursday, July 5, 2007

Weigh in!

Well I didn't do too badly today, I lost 0.6 even after the bbq and drinks this weekend. I tried to make good choices but I still splurged a little. I know I need to start measuring my portions again because trying to eye-ball things isn't working for me.
I also don't have alot of motivation for exercise these past few days but I'll get back on track. I ordered a pedometer on yesterday so hopefully it doesn't take long getting here. I also got a sport watch today, it's not fancy but it has a timer on it to time my walks, and eventually my running when I start. I would love to start running soon and eventually get a timex ironman watch.
I am also thinking about switching to core, I'm nervous though because I love certain snacks that aren't core but I can use ap's for those. I also know that Joey wouldn't like core but I want him to keep following the program with me. I'll think about it for a week and in the meantime eat very few processed foods and see how I do.
Well I guess that's all for tonight!

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