Friday, July 13, 2007


I am so happy that today is friday!! I worked 2 double shifts this week and they were good shifts but I'm tired. I really miss Joey today too. Only 2 weeks until he gets home!!
Weigh in this week was awesome, I lost 3.4 for a total of 42.4!! It feels great. I had a great walk today too, 5.4k in 64 mins. It was so hot today too, we are finally getting some summer weather. I am getting up early tomorrow to walk so that I don't get as hot as I did today.
So I tried cherries last night for the first time and I loooove them!!! The only place I could find some though was costco so I had to buy a 4lb box of them, which is good because they have a short season and I'm going to freeze some to have later in the year.
The tall ships are in town and I'd love to go and see them but I'm not good in crowds unless I have someone to go with, mainly Joey, so I'm not going. I'll just try to think of something for us to do when he comes home. Well I guess that's all, I live a very boring life,

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