Sunday, July 8, 2007

I had an alright weekend I guess. I was bored yesterday and I went to penningtons to see the girls, in a way I miss working there because the people are great but I also don't miss alot of things about the job. Anyway, a skirt I've been looking at for a long time was on sale so I figured I'd try it on. I took a 26 and a 24 into the fitting room and the 24 fit!!! It fits good enough that I could wear it now! So I bought the skirt and a top to go with it and I feel so good! I haven't worn a 24 in so long. When I left working Penningtons I was a 28!!! anyway it was great. I am going to wear this outfit when Joey comes home and I go pick him up.
I am doing nothing today, well actually, I'm making soup and exercising but I'm not going out. I have a couple of really busy days ahead of me, I took 2 extra 10 hour shifts at work so I'll be really tired by the weekend but I wanted some extra money for Joey's vacation.
Well off to exercise I guess.
More later,

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