Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I'm sitting here, feeling sorry for myself about how fat and gross I feel but yet I had 2 sugar packed coolers, chocolate and nachos. I have to get over myself and stop stressing about all of the planning that needs to be done and actually do it.
I'm not going all or nothing with the clean eating and I'm going to learn to cut myself some slack.

Tomorrow I plan on having a healthy breakfast, and then I'm heading to a job interview (eek!!)
lunch will be leftover tuna casserole and salad, and supper is Joey's choice as a welcome home thing, so we are going for Chinese.....not the best choice, but after tomorrow things should settle down a bit.

my exercise plan for the rest of April is Walking with the baby in the stroller, doing Ifit on the treadmill and biggest loser Yoga.
In May I am signed up for the Booty Camp Fitness session, and although it will be killer, I can't wait. I also have a coupon from Brita for a free running room clinic, so I'm going to see if I can sign up for the June learn to run session.

I realize that Joey gets motivated once I get things started and so that means I must get the ball rolling ASAP for both of us!

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