Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's getting close

Well it's now really close to Christmas, and I'm trying to get excited. We are going home to Cape Breton, and while it will be great to see everyone, it's going to be crazy. I think we are expected to visit lots of people, and honestly with a baby who is pretty fussy all the time, I am putting my foot down and not running all over the place, they can feel free to visit if they want. :)

The baby is still pretty fussy every day, which is super hard but when she smiles it makes everything better. I am a bit nervous about Joey going back to work but I should be fine.
My plan is to get back to healthy eating in the New Year, but it will take a lot of planning and prep work to make a go of things. At least with me cooking healthy, Joey will benefit too, so that's a bonus. I am also still planning to exercise which will be tough when I am tired already from looking after princess fussypants. I will have to make the most of my time and make sure that I am always prepared with a solid plan.
So I have lots of goals I just need to act on them!! I have to admit that it excites me just to be planning this.

Anyway, I'm working hard on getting ready for Christmas and everything else I need to do.

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