Saturday, August 18, 2007

So it's been a while again! I have been keeping busy with work, and some family are visiting from Cape Breton. I love having visitors but I had to lay down the law a little about the use of margarine and oil!! See my grandfather does all the choice and he cooks healthy foods but uses too much margarine and oil. After a few gentle reminders he didn't use as much as usual.
On another note, I totally shocked myself when I stepped on the scale at my meeting and saw that I have lost 50 pounds!!!!!!!! I was so excited. I have been in weight watchers since Feb 23 and I am happy with my progress so far. I have had some bad weeks but I always get back on track and keep going!
I start my new job Monday, the same day as Joey comes home. I am excited about the job but I am nervous as well. I am really excited about Joey coming home, it gets really boring and lonely around here without him.
The last night at my old job turned out to be pretty eventful too, I had to call 911 about a fire set outside the house across the street, I gave a statement to a super hot police officer, and then I was up most of the night because of an intense lightening storm that knocked out our power, so I had to monitor the alarm system!!! That may have been the busiest night since I started there!!
Anyway, I guess that's all the excitement I have for now!

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