Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lazy Sunday

So today was a write off, I napped instead of exercising and I ordered takeout instead of cooking. I'm not beating myself up over it but I know that my choices could have been much better.

The evening was spent looking at child care places in case tomorrow's interview goes well, hopefully it does because I'm starting to run out of options.
If I do start work again, I'm hoping to find my food motivation again because I will have to plan my lunches, snacks etc ahead of time, but I'll also have to work hard to stay organized and on top of things regarding exercise and suppers. It's all too easy to just grab something after work rather than cooking, but now I have to think about Arianna's diet as well, so that's something.

I am starting bootycamp on thursday, and I am so nervous/excited!! I think I'll try something new every month or so to keep things fresh. so far I have
May- bootycamp
June/July- Learn to run

I feel crazy for signing up for these things at my size, but I obviously need the push that group fitness will give me.

So now I'm getting ready to head to bed and prepare for my interview.....everything is crossed that I get MY job back!

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