Friday, March 5, 2010

Rough Week

Just a quick update post, hopefully I'll be back to normal (or as close as I can get ) tomorrow.

I got the spot that I wanted in the daycare, and Arianna really liked it, but I wasn't even considered for the job :( so bye bye daycare.
The week started out with major anxiety waiting for word on the job, and ended with major disappointment about not even being considered for a job that I enjoyed and did really well.

Due to the stress and wacky eating/ hormone shifts etc I am up 1.2 lbs. I am totally ok with that, I am back on track and ran today. Onward and upward.
Hopefully now I'll be able to sleep and get things done, instead of stressing and worrying. I have a to do list the size of my arm and I gotta get working on it!!

night night :)

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skinny me! said...

Hey Jenny,

I'm not sure if you have been able to contact Bootycamp, but if not, please drop them a line to get your free month!

My trainer's e-mail is...