Friday, January 29, 2010

Olympic Give away

Jaime is having another awesome give away. The much coveted olympic mittens, head over to her blog and check them out!!

Today is officially half way until DH comes home! Some days I wonder if I can make it, but I know it's just a little over 3 months.

Eating has been going good, and I am exercising as much as possible. today's exercise was all about shoveling. We got some snow overnight, so I bundled up A and we went out to start the driveway. I got about half done and then it was time to go in and get warmed up. I finished the other half after A went to bed, and of course the plow had dumped more heavy snow in the bottom of the driveway so my arms may be a little sore tomorrow.

I am scheduled to run tomorrow, as I am taking another shot at learning to run. I am working on running every second day but it has to be at nap or bed time so sometimes motivation is sorely lacking.

I am having a hard time getting organized enough to make up weekly meal plans, but I know that once I do that it will be great for my weight loss and my wallet.

I am thinking about a "no spend" challenge for February. I was reading about it on a yummy mummy blog. I will still spend money on fresh foods and milk etc. but I will not spend any extras. I seem to be coping with stress and boredom by spending, and we really don't have the money or the space for any more stuff!

Well, it's friday at 8:50 pm and I am seriously considering going to bed. I am cold, tired and lonely. I find the weekends the worst!

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