Friday, June 15, 2007


Well here it is, Friday again. Yesterday was weigh in day, I lost 1.6 which is awesome but I am .2 away from my 10%. Today is a bad day for me as my depression has decided to rear it's ugly head, I have spent most of the day crying and freaking out about my career and education situation. I am trying so hard to work everything out and correct the mistakes of my past(low marks, etc.) but it seems like the harder that I try, the more obstacles I run into. It is days like today that just make me want to give up, but I know that's stupid and I may feel a little better tomorrow. I just wish I could get a good paying job that I love and am good at(I know, doesn't everyone).
It would probably help if I had lots of friends to talk to, but I don't most of my friends have drifted away over the years. I probably wouldn't talk to them anyway because I feel silly sharing things like this, even with my husband.
oh well I think it is time to go try to lighten up a bit, this is a little serious for my second post!! lol.
On a different note, when Joey gets home tomorrow I will get him to help me post some pics.

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